Saturday, December 12, 2009

When Two Colors Meet Mid-Wall

This is the 2nd day of painting, cutting in brown, which client wanted on bottom of wall. It was up to me to determine height of brown, and how to create a "border" where the two colors meet. I started without knowing exactly how this room would turn out.

Client was trusting, gave me free reign (my favorite way to work!) and just wanted it too look good with the new quilts the sisters are getting for Christmas.
Before room: pinks, IKEA castle quilts, wall flower stickers...
After with turquoise (Sherwin Williams SPA and Regency Brown) and yes, that ceiling is painted the same color as upper wall. It expands the feel of the room, even with the dark bottom half. Painted ceilings erases corners, softens edges.

The meeting spot for the colors also had to work with the height of the bunk beds and the client did request that the brown show through the new shelving unit.
New mirror painted and incorporated into wall between windows (notice it had to be higher than the outlet, and somehow make sense with the height of the border=tricky, but this worked.)

Color changes everything in a room!

"I can't believe our room turned into THIS!" first comment from Amber.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Painting for Parents

This is AFTER: muted colors, a veil of sage-jade washed over the entire mural to mute it, on purpose.
BEFORE: brighter contrasts, purple shadows stand out against greens. Whites are really white. Client saw it at this point and wanted it more muted. Can do, as seen above.
Seagull picture I took out on the Great Salt Lake on screen saver, and now painted on wall! Print hanging on wall is an original David C. Babcock, also with birds. I love the theme repeated in many mediums.

Quote taken from "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" painted with wall color and shadow and highlight.