Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tree PAINTED Larger than Sticker

BEFORE photo:  dark brown sticker tree applied by client.  After living with it for months and deciding they really liked the look and wanted to make it permanent...

DURING photo, showing my chalk drawing extensions to make the tree larger:

AFTER photo:

Client continued to ask for more branches and leaves and I painted until she was satisfied.  Did not remove mirror, just painted around it, in dark brown satin sheen acrylic house paint and one 2 inch angled brush.

Friday, June 7, 2013


The 5th grade traditionally buys a gift for the school.  Past years they bought the mascot mats in the front lobby.
This year, they bought a mural!
I don't think squirrels are very scary, but this is their theme...
Before, after I pulled down this sign that was DUCT-taped to the wall!  Horrible things happen to paint that is taped like this!  It pulls off the finish, leaves very sticky residue...
I did not have mathcing background paint, so strategically put some of  the lettering over the biggest wall wounds.  Should have charged extra for wall prep.  The head janitor, Ms Nancy, supplied Goo Gone, brown paper towels and a Magic Eraser that helped.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Turtle Nursery

Monochromatic warm "griseille" painted over Behr "Peach Porcelean" using tones and shades mixed from base coat.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Columns During & After

Drama is a matter of taste. Subjective. How dramatic do you want your surroundings? Starting with white columns, I made them dramatic. Client was home during painting, and very worried after the first day. I gave her a piece of white chalk and told her she could "X" out areas that bothered her, draw a box around areas she liked.
This is the "FRIEND" column, it looked the best during the whole process. It was the first one I worked on, when I was least tired, it had the best lighting from the window...
Imagine how hard it is to make three separate things look like they belong together, not matchy-match, but coordinated, cut from the same stone.
From bold, to subtle, what the client wanted:
Washed out, or just right? Subtle. Sublime. Soft. Suggestions of colors.
THE CLIENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Some things I will argue for, try to persuade from an artistic point of view. But in the end, it is their home, their art, their money, and yes, they get their way. I can go home and paint my own, another day. My preferences: bolder, like this:

Next time I paint marble/stone:
1. I will do 10 sample boards and let the client choose before hand the coloring, drama of lines, width, direction before I start painting. Sometimes the vocabulary gets in the way, my definitions vs. what client understands. It is easier to choose & point and say "Make it look like that!"
2. I will use some metallic paint to add texure & shine (the reflective little bits of mica are one of my favorite parts, but client did not want any metallic).
3. Try oil paints to float the glazes and open up the drying time.
4. Not take clients during December, schedule for January.
5. Carry business cards with me, always. Referrals are the best clients.
6. Pay someone to clean up for me.
7. Pay someone to take professional photos for portfolio purposes.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marble Columns x 3 BEFORE

Client wants three columns to match fireplace marble or kitchen marble...

Monday, November 14, 2011