Thursday, July 22, 2010

Updated Damask

After shot of dinning room:

Before (from Ugly 80's, dated colors and wall paper border):

Elegant, bold, fun and dramatic damask on dinning room walls. Originally I thought I was going to do an all-over design, filling all white spaces, but stopped at this point. It was enough. Dramatic view from street when lit up at night!

This was a surprise treat for client-friend. She left me her keys to cat-sit and bring in the mail. She was gone a week. She invited us to use her pool all week. To make ourselves feel at home.

So I took her dinning room and treated it like my own!

I knew she loved my dinning room ceiling (same damask pattern is on my ceiling) and she was in process of ripping off border. I knew if she hated what I did, I could always paint over it for her...

But she loves it!

Ralph Lauren Ballroom gold paint below chair rail.