Monday, August 17, 2009

Snail Finished room

I love it when clients send me the "finished" room, with furniture moved back in, accessories, etc! Love this one!  
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tropical Fish

Bathrooms are the perfect place for a mural! I paint a clear matte layer of polyurethane over everything to keep it waterproof and washable.

First time I sub-contracted a teenager to help: Melissa painted in the turtle for me while I worked on the rest of the bathroom!




Faux-finished tray ceilings, vines, and damask pattern. I love painting ceilings--it becomes a 5th wall to decorate in the room. I heard once (Debbie Travis or Christopher Lowell quote?) that leaving the ceiling white is like a slip showing below a skirt. If white is part of your decorating scheme, that is different. But neglect is a choice, and forgetting about that wonderful ceiling surface is sad!


This angel/putti only lived on the soffet for a day. The client's husband came home, hated it, so I painted it out, added more swirls to match other side.

2 Castles






Rocket Ship


Surfer Room


Client wanted surfer room stuff...The tribal animals were fun to research, and I would do them again.

Rock Room

I paid a teenager in our ward to help me on the guitar (he owns one, knew intimate details about frets, etc).



Unicorns and Dolphins


Roxie Jane is growing. She has been complaining of leg pains.


This was her pink, PINK unicorn bedroom I painted 2 months before we moved from Bailey Road.


I taught her and Sam how to paint when we moved. They worked together cutting in my room, and then did her room light aqua and learned how to roll, too! Then I taught her some mural tricks, and she chose to do a dolphin for her fish room. A grown up big girl room.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader room. I did basecoat, too. Should have taken a photo in the dark--some of the cool glow paint used here.

Stars in Vader's room...more glowing going on that you can only see in the dark...

Favorite Music


Cats and Monkeys


Find the signature, easier to read in mirror!

Monkeys in cat room.

And more monkeys, painted super fast. Silly and sketch-painted, so I could be done already.
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Castle and Dragons

Once upon a time there was a wizard castle...

...and a Dragon Keeper across the sea...

The bunnies are my favorite part--

Fuzzy long shot. I paint better than I photograph.
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