Saturday, August 8, 2009


This was a FUN room to paint. Finished yesterday, so most recent mural on this blog. John jokes that I would pay people for the privileage to paint for them! I need more blank walls! Perfect base-coat color (happy yellow-orange--the parents let their daughter pick the color and then we went one step lighter and I promised to add lots of orange). Ceiling painting makes all the difference, makes the corners disappear and the room expands! Plus easier to cut in, if you are the painter. Over the 3 days I painted I came home itching to paint my house in brighter colors! I loved being in this space.
Clouds are satistfying to paint! It takes some muscle to do ceilings, and moneky-prowess on the ladder.
John took one look at this tree and said, "That's a $500 room!"

Before top clouds added--view of sunrise/sunset.
After top sky clouds added, first lavendar, then orange and gold on top.

The pink band of color completely surrounding the room was a stroke of inspiration, solved my cohesive problem, making things merge, look right. Praying helps.
Reason for the room. In 2 days after paint cures, the green field can be used as a chalkboard.
Dolphins on the way to the bathroom.

Can you find my signature and the year?

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